Trash Bag Fundraiser

Fundraising Fundamentals

2.) Select a supplier that can get you there.
3.) Sell a quality product.
4.) Sell a product that everyone needs and uses
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#1 Set Your Goals: What are you trying to achieve?
  The objective you set for your group should include a financial figure with a well defined goal. (For example, a group must raise $3000 to pay for new band equipment as well as traveling costs to the Annual Band Competition).
#2 Create Your Fundraising Plan With Your Goals In Mind.
  TIP 1: Give yourself and your volunteers adequate time to plan this sale.

“Those who fail to plan… must be planning to fail!”

TIP 2: Stick to the start and finish date you select and don’t change it.


Questions to ask yourself and your committee:
  • When will your sale begin? (As soon as you can but not until you are ready! One of our most successful groups has their Fall sale within the first 2-3 weeks of the school year, making their fundraiser the first of the season.)
  • How long will it last? (We recommend 2 weeks.)
  • How will you promote it? (Contact your TV stations, newspaper, and radio stations, letters to parents, flyers…)
  • Who will be selling? (Get a list of all available students, members, etc…)
  • How many rolls should each person sell as a target amount? (We recommend a minimum goal of 2 cases or 12 rolls. Everyone should be able to sell at least 12.)
  • What should your sellers say? (Who they are, what they're selling, and why they’re selling it… then ask “Will you please help us by buying some quality trash bags today?)
  • What are the incentives for your sales team? (prizes, pizza party, awards…)
  • When and where will your supporters get their orders? (Bags For Bucks typically fills orders within 2-4 weeks. Your representative will quote you current lead times.)
  • Who should your sellers approach? (They should think of everyone they know) Examples:
    From school? From your church? From your family? Friends from previous jobs? Parents of children’s friends? Daycare providers? From your lodge or club? Your list of friends? Friends from team sports? Dance, swimming, gymnastic, karate instructors? Who sells you appliances? Who is a nurse? Who is your veterinarian? Who is your physician? Who is your painter? Who is your dentist? Who is your pharmacist? Who cuts your hair? Who are your neighbors? Who is your eye doctor? Who is your realtor?

** Don’t forget to call your Bags For Buck$ representative and get enough of our high-quality, two-sided color order forms for each seller. Groups who have used our order form have experienced higher sales as a result. All the information your sellers need will be at their fingertips and can be easily shown to the buyers.

#3 Kick-off: Communicate the (Who, what, when, how, where, and why?) to your sellers.
  TIP 3: Do this with as much energy as possible.

TIP 4: Make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the sale process.


Selling Points

  • These bags are environmentally friendly because they are made of 100% recycled plastic.
  • The bags are THICKER and LARGER than most found in stores.
  • Remember everyone already buys trash bags somewhere.


  • Let them know what’s in it for them. (party, prizes, etc.. Incentive programs have been shown to double the proceeds!)
  • Let them know what’s in it for their organization. (new equipment, trips, etc…)

How to:

  • Have them approach a potential customer by giving their name, their organization’s name, and why they are raising money.
  • Use the Bags For Buck$ color order form – It will increase your sales.
  • Always smile and be polite. Always say “thank you” even if they don’t buy.
  • Have fun. Everyone likes happy people, it’s contagious!


Bags for Buck$ - Fundraising Success in a Bag

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Environmentally Friendly - Made From 100% Recycled Plastic

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